The Many Benefits Of Self Publishing A Book

Writing a book or novel can be quite challenging. While you may have thousands of ideas running through your head at any second of the day, actually placing them on paper can be difficult; but it is not impossible. Many people have captured those ideas and formed them into written text – this is why we have novels. The question is how does one move from placing creative thoughts onto a Word document to selling them to an avid reader?

self publishing

After completing a book, an author – that would be you – must decide whether he or she would publish the work traditionally or using self publish methods. Previously, a traditional publishing house was the only alternative and if you were rejected the book would not be officially published. Nowadays, there are self publishing options which may seem more complicated but has far more benefits. This article will point out the different benefits involved in the self publish method.

1. No More Rejection Letters
Why do you feel the need to burden yourself with writing dozens of proposals to book publishers only to be rejected? No person enjoys receiving rejection letters, and it only makes you feel that your book is not worth publishing, let along mass reading. Using a self publish method, there is no need to wait for a publisher to deem your book worthwhile. There is no need to complete a synopsis of the story. All you need to do is finish a book and proceed to publish.

If, however, you wish to ensure that the book reaches a larger audience and sells well you may want to contact a traditional publisher after self publishing. The traditional publisher will not necessarily reject the book if you have a record as a published author, even if the publishing was independent.

2. You Are In Control
Traditional publishing houses will often revise books to “make them better” before considering publishing. As an author, this may seem unfair and insulting. Why would you allow another individual to edit your book for their convenience? If they choose to publish a book, should it not be the original work? It was your creativity, hard work and ideas that they are pulling apart – is this fair?

When choosing to self publish you will have full control of editing and the final piece to be published. Furthermore, you will own the copyright of the book and will be able to sell or give away the book without having to gain permission from the publisher.

3. Selling The Book Online
While traditional publishing may seem to reach a larger audience, it is possible in today’s digital age that a self published book could be more successful. Self published books are now available for sale by the same retailers as traditional publishers, such as and Barnes & Noble. The dawn of Kindles and iPads have made online books more popular, and many successful authors sell books via their websites.

4. Controlling The Income
By self publishing a book you may receive more profit as compared to traditional publishing methods. A traditional publisher typically pays their author 10-15% of the book sales; however, self published authors earn all income from their sales. Furthermore, you will control the price of the book allowing you to make as much or as little profit as is desired.

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